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Venetica Guide and Updates !!

This Guide & Updates contain MAJOR spoilers, DO NOT read.

If you need the walkthru, go to my Venetica Walkthru

There are quite a number of graphic and quests bugs with the previous Venetica PC version, so it is better if  you have venetica ver 1.02 installed before you play the game to save you from heavy headache. Venetica ver 1.02 patch is available in my Awesome Links section.( Check the game ver on the bottom left in the starting menu )


Like I said in my venetica walkthru, there are so many wonderful NICHES and SIDE QUESTS in this game and it will be such a waste if you don't use them or at least try to get to know them; Here are some examples:

- 2 Different Endings
- The Reputation system ( Up/Down )
- The Judge - Bail/Fine system
- The Preferred Merchandise
- The Double Damage Sneak Attack
- Buried Treasures, example: The + 50% EXPERIENCE Bonus Axe
- Both of the Regeneration Rings
- Both Vampiric Swords
- Creating STRONG potions
- There's still some more, including ALL those gorgeous looking dresses and armors for

So it really pays off to explore all the land and be nice to everyone you talked to

Oh noooooo... !!!  The daughter of death is dead !!  Is she?


I believe I have listed ALL the quests in Venetica, If there's still some more quests that I missed please let me know

BASIC :  you NEED / AUTOMATICALLY do this quest to finish the game
SIDE   :  you DO NOT NEED this quest to finish the game

Mountain Village Area


- Proper Clothes
  Jethra wants Scarlett to see Mattheo to get a dress suitable for adventure

- A Friend in Distress
  Village Defender told Scarlett to rescue her step brother Leon in Ivy's Creek

- The Concealed Final Will
  Don and Nesto outside Forest Hut wants you to find their uncle's will in the hut

- The MoonBlade Mystery
  Death wants his daughter to find a weapon called the MoonBlade

- The MoonBlade Ressurection
  Mattheo need Moonstones in Copper Mine to fix the MoonBlade

- The Injured Fisherman
  Hengfisk need Paddles in Southern Bay to row the boat

- Reaching Venice
  Scarlett needs to find a way to enter Venice to find The Dead Archon


- A Favor for the Blacksmith
  Mattheo wants you to get Pliers from the Fireplace in the Forest Hut

- Adequate Smithy
  Mattheo wants you to find a better smith place for him in Inner City

- The Mining Effort
  The last of the miner in Copper Mine wants you to find some crew in Arsenal to help him

- Cousin Rupert
  The guy in Venice Pass wants you to get a family jewel from his dead Cousin's body
  in the cave

- Tavern Treasures
  Yngvar in the Windmill told Scarlett about the bartender's hidden treasures

- A Letter to Venice
  Yngvar give this letter for Ragnar in the Order of the Holy Seal

- How to Move Rocks
  Bartender in Windmill wants Scarlett to get some Pigeons from the Guy sitting on
  the Rocks in the beach. ( Pay or Kill this guy and get the pigeons from the Cave )

- Village Under Attack
  Necromancers are looking for the Moonstones and attacking the village
  ( Available after you've done Cousin Rupert Quest and come back from Africa )

Venice - Outer City


- Where is the Black Grimoire
  Nox is the only lead to find the Black Grimoire

- Trust to be Earned
  Nox wants you to join a guild to earn his trust

- The Pathway to the Claw
  Nox wants you to find a way to get inside the ship

- The Rescue of Sophistos
  Nox told you about Sophistos being held in the ship's Belly

- Nightwatch Troubles
  Kronos wants you to get back his Guild's Crest from the flying beast in the guild's building


- Access to Amphitheater
  Get an introduction to enter Amphitheater

- A Rat's Work
  Rat ( backstreet ) wants to get Rico ( garden area ) to come back to work for him

- Rescue from the Tower
  A lady sweeping the floor in Trading Center wants you to help a drunk in the room in
  the west tower

- False Accusations
  A Prisoner in jail wants you to get  his money from Rat, you can help him or keep
  his money

- Chasing Bandits in Outer City
  The Captain of the Guard wants you to destroy 2 Bandit Lairs

- Damage Underground
  The Judge wants you to go to the Catacomb and see whats wrong with the water system

- The Gripper Queen Outer City
  The judge wants you to go to the Catacomb to kill the Lobster's queen

- A Gardener's Nightmare
  The Gardener in Garden Area wants you to go to the Catacomb to kill all the spike beast
  in there

- Crowe's Trust
  Crowe in the tower wants you to swap his picture in the judge's office
  ( Only available after you talk to Rat to get an introduction to Crowe )

- Clear Sky in Outer City
  Crowe wants you the eliminate all the Flying Beasts Nests in Outer City
  ( Only available after you've done Crowe's Trust Quest )

- Delivery for ' The Doctor '
  The Merchant in Trading Place wants you to make a delivery for the Doctor in Arsenal

One ticket for the Linkin' Park please...  I'm sorry what???  Please forgive me your honor, I didnt know this is a courtroom  *blush*

Venice - Inner City


- Tusker's Special Friend
  Tusker in Old Cathedral wants you to see his friend in Persian Trade at Night

- A Stolen Key
  The guy at night in Persian Trading Place wants you to give back his key

- The Belly of the Beast
  Scarlett needs to find a way to get out from the Jail and escape from the Ship

- The Rogue Games
  Drago wants you to get 3 medicine in the upper deck for him

- The Heart of The Claw
  Scarlett must find a way to rescue Sophistos from the Ship's Belly

Take your hands off me, you bad breath !!


- A Note for A Lady
  A guy in the Tavern wants you to give a note to Liora in Arsenal Tavern

- Captured citizen
  A stressed wife in front of Net of the Masks wants you to free his husband  from inside
  the Claw's Galley

- Chasing Bandits in Inner City
  The Guard's Captain wants you to destroy 2 Bandit Lairs in the Inner City

- The Gripper Queen Inner City
  The Captain of the guard wants you to kill the Lobster's queen in the catacomb

- Heir to the Mansion
  A guy in the tavern wants you  to free a kidnapped rich lady being held hostage
  in the catacomb ( Only available after you sunk the Claw )

- Clear Sky in Inner City
  San in Occult shop wants you to get rid all the beasts nests in Inner City

- Lost Knowledge
  Nox on Dead Man's Roof wants you to bring back the Scroll to Aeris in Net of the Masks

- Medicine
  The peasant in the house wants you to get a medicine from the Outer City Guard

- Pale Heart's
  San wants you to collect 8 Pale Hearts from the Gargoyles
  ( The Gargoyles can't be attacked until Scarlett comes back from Africa )

Oh no... A Living Stoned Lion on the roof???  What have I done that deserved this?

Venice - Arsenal


- Chasing The Black Grimoire
  Scarlett needs to find the Black Grimoire

- The Dark Tower
  Scarlett needs to find a way to get inside Sophistos' Tower

- Abandoned Honor
  Two guards at the entrance to harbor wants your help inside the Garrison in Inner City,
  you can also choose to betray them by reporting them to the Captain of the Guards

- Warning Akbah
  Juma clanswoman in skullbreak wants you to warn her friend in the harbor

- The Hunted Becomes The Hunter
  Akbah wants you to defeat the Princess

- On Holy Mission
  Johan the Priest wants you to find his Scroll inside Old Cathedral in Inner City

- Of Cursed Chapel
  The Priest also wants you to free his chapel in Arsenal from demons

- The Voice of The Dead
  You need to convince Liora  by getting information from her dead husband
  in Arsenal Catacomb ( Only available if you have high enough Reputation )

- Secret Errands
  Largo wants you to kill Meltucio in the Lotus, you can choose to help or betray him

- Bad News
  Your step brother Leon is kidnapped, you need to go see your Guild Master now !!

- Poison
  Scarlet is poisoned and needs to see the doctor in Arsenal right away !!

The glory of Arsenal..


- The Platform
  The Platform Guard wants you to go upstairs to fix the elevator

- Unpaid Services
  Vanity in Ambrosial Lotus wants the Ship Captain in Harbor to pay for her services

- Explosive Goods
  The Rebels in SkullBreak tavern wants you to blow up the ship in the Harbor
  ( Only available if you have high enough Reputation )

- Where's The Man?
  Lea wants you to find her man in the Doctor, but instead he is in the Lotus all this time

- The Lesser Evil
  Kitten in Ambrosial Lotus wants you to destroy 2 Bandit Lairs
  ( Only available after you've done Secret Errands Quest and spare Meltucio,
  VERY dangerous-after you've done this quest most enemies in Venice at night will be
  replaced by raging ghosts )

- The Sea Patrol ( thanks to grip for this )
  Venetian Captain in the harbor wants Scarlett to kill a pirate captain and bring back
  stolen loot
  ( Only available if Scarlett kill Meltucio in Secret Errands Quest )



There's no Basic quest in Africa


- Let the Games Begin  ( thanks to grip for this )
  A tournament with a Legendary spear as a reward ( Spear of Screaming Souls )

- The Baka King ( thanks to grip for this )
  Scarlett needs to slay the African beast king.

The Doge's Palace


- The Doge's Palace
  Find a way to enter the palace

- Steward's Trust
  You need to gain the steward's trust to enter the inside Courtroom of the palace
  ( In other words, u MUST become a traitor )

- Lost Love
  The Jailor in the Palace's Dungeon wants you to digg up his wife's head from the
  Palace Garden

- Glory Forsaken
  Scarlett needs to free the Rebels from the Palace's Dungeon

- The Heart of Darkness
  The Revolt is Starting, Scarlett needs to get inside the Inner Palace and destroy
  the Doge's Leader

Your Majesty.. since you are an undead and can't eat that delicious plum, would you mind giving them to me? Much appreciated.. :p


- Shady Assistance ( thanx to grip for this )
  Scarlett must help one of the worker there with their laundry


All the Guild's Quests are Side Quests, except for The Order of The Holy Seal and The Hooded Wings first quest whereas it is a mandatory to join the guild so Scarlett can earn Nox's trust

The Order of The Holy Seal  ( the easiest, simply search & destroy )

A bunch of sweaty guys with bad odor doing some ugly moves. Great... what more could a girl want? LOL

- The Order of The Holy Seal
  Scarlett needs to find St. Anthony's Shield in Outer City Catacomb

- The Sword of St. Anthony
  Scarlett needs to find St. Anthony's Sword in Inner City Catacomb

- Helmet of St. Anthony
  Scarlett needs to find St. Anthony's Helmet in Arsenal Catacomb

- The Harness of St. Anthony
  Scarlett needs to find St. Anthony's Armor in one of Africa's cave

- St. Anthony's Curse
  Scarlett must Kill St. Anthony that has just risen from his coffin

The Hooded Wings  ( the longest, with a twist at the last quest )

Hmmm... They have so many good stuff in here.. I wonder if I could pick up something really nice just for myself...

- The Hooded Wings

  Scarlett needs to go to the Outer City Catacomb through the Guild House to talk to

- Earn The Wings
  Scarlett Needs to deliver a letter to a man waiting in Outer City through Outer City

- The Merchant Vessel
  Scarlett needs to do a marathon delivery, first to a man waiting in Water City Gateway
  then to the man waiting in a ship in Southern Bay, and back to the man in the Water City

- The Dubious Method
  Scarlett needs to retrieve a painting in a house in Inner City, through the Catacomb

- Signal Fires
  Scarlett needs to go to the light house in the Arsenal and light the fire to signal the
  courier and meet him

From here on, the quest are divided into 2 paths, depends on what action you choose:

1. No Questions Asked
    Scarlett must deliver a "special" herb to a guard in the Order of the Holy Seal's yard
    to get the package in the storage room and deliver it to a dead canal in Arsenal

2. The Longest Journey
    Scarlett needs to deliver a letter to Akbah in Africa

The Net of The Mask ( the most complicated, especially the last quest )

In the name of my God !!!  They keep a paralyzed Lich on the bed???  What a weird place...

- The Net of the Mask
  Scarlett Needs to find Victor's diary in his old house in Outer City

- Lost Messenger
  Scarlett must talk to a messenger's ghost in the Southern Bay

- Forest Hut Secret
  Scarlett must solve the mystery of the forest hut

- Victor's Secret ( are u sure it doesn't spell Victoria's Secret?  Hahaha.. )
  Scarlett must solve a riddle about books in the library


- What's the deal with the Lich Bed inside The Net of The Masks
  This is the only bed that can restore the twilight meter that is used when Scarlett is dead,
  If Scarlett kill the lich then the bed wont restore the twilight meter anymore. Just get
  Scarlett sleeps right there next to that lich.

- How to make Potions
  Click and drag the herbal reagents into the Mortar & Pestle icon in the inventory,
  not all herb can be made into potions. This can be done after Scarlett learned
  alchemy skill

- How to make Strong Potions
  After Scarlett freed Johan's small church in Arsenal, talk to him again and he will offer
  the chance to bless the  potions. Sell him the potions that Scarlett wants to be
  upgraded, talk to him again  to buy back the potions that has been blessed.

- How to Talk to The Dead
  Get the twilight ability from the idol in the sacred site AND the talk to the dead ability
  from the idol in Johan's small church. Use the twilight near a skeleton and Scarlett can
  have the option to talk to the deceased.

- How to get The Summon The Dead Ability
  Get this quest from the skeleton ghost inside the rebel's cell in the Doge's Palace, obtain
  3 Idol parts from Liora's room and use it on the idol in the center of the Palace Garden

- What's the best item in this game?
  By verdict, it would be the Ring of the Ghost - it's a must have item.  why u said?
  cuz it regenerates mental energy. Near the end of the game when the enemies get really
  tough ( juma warriors, raging ghosts, necromancers, etc ) dont tell me u r gonna fight
  them with just ordinary hack and slash, use that fighting & necromancer skills
  for Scarlett's sake !!

- How to get The Ring of the Ghost
  The only ring that can regenerate mental energy, a reward for finishing the Victor's Secret
  guild quest from The Net of The Masks, answer is either 1 4 3 1  OR  1 3 4 1 ( I forget :p )

- How do I use the half sized dangling ladder
  Slash the rope near the top section of the half sized ladder with ur sword, keep slashing
  until the other half sized fall and it becomes a full sized ladder

- The Preferred Merchandise
  Certain merchant in Venice has certain preferred merchandise. If there is a * sign behind
  the merchandise list when scarlett wants to sell a merchandise, then the item is preferred
  by the merchant and he/she will pay more for it than the other merchants

- How to get The Double Damage Sneak attack
  Crowe will offer this skill after you earned his trust

- How to enter the Old Cathedral in Inner City
  The only access to the Old Cathedral is from the Inner City Catacomb
  ( Front door can not be opened, There's no key for the front door )

- How to find certain quest places in Venetica
  If you are lost and do not know which way to go, Scarlett can command a raven
  to show her the path to the quest destination. By all means please use it
  ( sometimes this GPS thing will result in an error, but dont give up on it yet,
  in other times this skill will prove its worth )

- There's a certain bridge/room/alley or whatever it is that I cant seem to get there
  When traveling around town/room/alley always listen to the sound of the wind,
  if the sound somehow changed and become ( I cant find the right word for this )
  a distorted medium pitch then there's a twilight door nearby, use twilight and get in there

- How to do the explosive goods quest
  The guards who guard the ship will abandon their post ONLY at dusk
  ( around 6-8 p.m ). Come in other times and you will miss it.

- Who should Scarlett choose in the concealed final will?  Don or Nesto?
  It does not matter, both of them are as good as death anyway.

- Which guild is the best guild to join?
  After reading this updates, I'm sure you will know it.
  ( the guild with the best reward/item of course )

- Why is the Net of the Masks become the best guild?
  1. If u dont join this guild then u have to go back and forth from Inner City to Outer City
      just to rest ( real rest that restore HP )
      ( u could rest inside citizen's house but when they are/get home they will disturb u and
      sometimes u will get scolded and lose 1 reputation point )
  2. The Lich Bed ( the one and only bed that restores ALL energy including twilight )
  3. If u dont join this guild then u have to go back and forth to Arsenal catacomb just
      to find a sophisticated Mental Skill teacher
  4. Not to mention the only way to get the Ring of the Ghost

- How to restore Mental Energy?
  Buy an empty bottle from San in Inner City and use it on the fountain
  ( dont forget to refill )

- How to defeat the Princess in Africa
  Attack all the Totems that she built

- How to kill the Flying Princess ( Phoenix ) in the Twilight World
  Check my Venetica Walkthru for the answer

- Where can Scarlett learn Necromancer ( Mental ) Skills?
  The best and most convenient teacher is Aeris the leader of the Net of the Masks,
  If Scarlett does not join this guild, or if Aeris is dead, then the most sophisticated teacher
  is from the ghost in the Arsenal catacomb. Look for a study desk that comes with
  an empty chair in one of the broken room there. Do not sit on the chair, cuz the ghost
  is sitting on it, use twilight to talk to the ghost ( Scarlett must have the ability
  to talk to the dead )

- Where can Scarlett learn fighting skills?
  The best and most sophisticated teacher is Ulrik. He can be found in 3 places
  1. Inner City Old Cathedral area ( daylight )
  2. Inner City Tavern ( night time )
  3. Inside the Doge's Palace ( Anytime )
  ( Be careful with the SMITHY BUG, read my bug post down below )

- How to gain access to the Amphiteater
  There's a guy standing in front of the Amphiteater that will introduce you to the guard
  guarding the amphiteater

- Should Scarlett betray her own guild in the Steward's Trust?
  If u wanna finish the game, by all means just do it !!  and let Scarlett earns a title as
  a traitorous basterd !!  For all the things she's about to do, she deserves it  :(

- How do you open Liora's Room in Doge's Palace?  Where's the key to Liora's room?
  You naughty boy.. u're just itching to get inside some hot girl's room arent u?  Hahaha..
  You dont need a key, Liora will open it for u, wonderful isnt she?  Check my walkthru.

- The ghost wont give me his item/ his possession
  You need the necromancer skill that can demand item from the dead, get this skill
  from the idol in the Old Cathedral in Inner City

- How do I find Victor's House
  Victor's house is the locked house in the outer city near the gate to the Inner City

- How to enter the Doge's palace legally
  Near the end of the game, Scarlett needs to enter the palace legally to find and kill her
  step brother Victor, this can be done if Scarlett wears the Magic dress ( Nethercoat ),
  due to the awesome and majestic looking of her wearing that dress the guards will
  mistakenly identify her as an ambassador from some distant land and will let her
  get inside the Doge's palace

- How to deal with the Village Under Attack "bug"
  Some people think that the last 2 necromancers in the twilight sacred moon stone site
  are really the last, therefore when the quest is still unfinished when Scarlett killed them
  then they would consider it as a bug. However this is NOT true, it is not a bug. There is
  still 1 necromancer HIDING between 2 containers on the OTHER SIDE of the
  intersection to the sacred site. I think deck 13/dtp entertainment deliberately put
  him there on purpose, to make this very easy hide and seek quest more challenging.

- How to kill the Raging Ghosts
  Use Twilight ability to see and attack it.

- How do I kill the flying beast in the Night Watch guild
  Learn the Blood Toll from Nox and use it to kill the beast to get the Crest

- Help !!  My weapons doesnt do any good against those gripper queens and gargoyles
  1 Word for u :  Hammer

- How do I get the best sword?
  The best sword is the sword of St. Anthony, Scarlett must join the order of the
  holy seal to obtain the quest to KILL St.Anthony ( sword of St. Anthony )

- I dont wanna join the gang of that grumpy old man, any advise?
  well.. The second best sword is  rested in the hands of Ragnar, the leader of the order
  of the holy seals. Scarlett must join the hooded wings to obtain a quest to kill Ragnar.
  ( Ragnar's sword )

- I dont wanna join the band of thieves either, I'm not Robin Hood.. any other solution?
  The third best sword can be bought from the Persian trader ( balanced katana )

- How do I get the best hammer?
  The best hammer can be bought from Lucio in the palace or the persian trader
  ( I'm not sure about the persian trader, I forget )  ( the bone crusher )

- How do I get the best spear?
  The best spear is a gift from the princess for defeating her. its inside the chest in that
  giant tree.  ( spear of the chief )

- How do I get the best moonblade?
  the best moonblade can be obtained by Upgrading it using the Princess's gem
  Go to San in Inner City occult shop and ask her to upgrade it. ( blue moonblade )

- How bout the Legendary Weapons?
  ALL of those legendary weapons are NOT worth mentioning and NOT worth
  obtaining, hence they have much less damage than the best weapons, some of them
  even only have half the damage of the best weapon ( Spear of the Screaming Souls ).
  With the exception of the +50% experience bonus axe and BOTH the vampiric swords,
  even though the damage is still sucks..

- Where can I get the +50% bonus experience axe?
  Africa, inside one of the caves there.
  There.. cool looking axe, reminds me of Titanic's Anchor.

- Where can I get those Vampiric Swords?
  San in Inner city occult shop sells BOTH of them

My Christmas 2010 gifts to you. Trust me, you will not find these in other sites

1. How to kill 1000 Juma Warriors continuously and Scarlett still lives?
  What you need :
  -  100 strength
  -  Maximize both the hammer & the hammer skill
  -  Maximize the moonblade skill
  -  Maximize the travel length of twilight world skill ( a must !! )
  -  Maximize the Poison moonblade skill ( a must !! )
  -  Get the double damage sneak attack skill from Crowe ( a must !! )
  -  Ring of the Ghost ( a must !! )
  -  Learn the hammer version of the sword hurricane ( optional - for emergency )
  -  Learn the Blood Toll/ Mass Blood Toll ( optional - for emergency )
1. Hide in twilight
2. Position Scarlett BEHIND the first Juma Victim
3. WAIT until about 1 sec BEFORE the hide is about to break by itself
4. Hit the juma from THE BACK using HAMMER ( hammer's double damage BAM !!! )
5. Hit him again with POISON moonblade ( 300++ damages in 6 secs )
6. QUICKLY hide again in twilight and get Scarlett behind the second Juma
7. Repeat and rinse
8. any questions?
Note : NEVER break the hide until it is 1 second away from the hide breaking automatically by itself.  If Scarlett did not hide she will not stand a chance against 3 juma warriors attacking AT THE SAME TIME not to mention 1000 jumas..

My friends who read this said:
Are you crazy??? where on hell in Venetica would you find 1000 jumas? is this some kind of jokes?

My answer is just simply:
Nope, its not a joke. 1000 jumas is just a metaphor to show how supreme Scarlett skills are if you put them to the maximum and use them correctly. This method guarantees that it will kill ANYTHING in ANY NUMBER except for the raging ghost ( cant hide ) and the flying beasts ( cant reach while hiding ).

2. How to kill Victor the VERY VERY easy way? ( PC patch ver 1.02 )
  What you need :
- Maximum Poison moonblade skill ( a must !! )
- a bottle of cold soda or Beer
- 2 rolls of Hot Dog or Hamburger
1. Hit Victor with POISON once
2. TAKE 2 or 3 steps AWAY from Victor
3. Drink the soda/Beer
4. Eat the Hot Dogs/Hamburgers
5. Roll Scarlett to the side and Hit him again with poison ( if necessary )
6. Any questions?
Note : After being hit with a poison, AND Scarlett taking a couple/triple steps AWAY from him, most of the time Victor will not attack and just stayed still/paralyzed while his body is being eaten away by the maxed poison ( PC patch ver 1. 02 ) even If he manage to hit back, just roll to the side, hit him again with poison, and steps away from him again - very very very easy ( the easiest Mega-Final Boss in the whole gaming history )  ( I dont know if this trick works for Xbox or PS3 but ur welcome to try, just send me the hot dogs if it's not working for those consoles  hahaha.. )

 ---  :)  ---


- Casual Garments
Chest in Mattheo's house

- Leather Mail
The assassin masters

- Plate Mail
Guards, chest in Outer City Catacomb, chest in Inner City house, chest in Inner City merchant house

- Banded Mail
Persian masters aboard the ship

- Hunter's Mail
Fat Juma merchant woman in Africa, after Scarlett defeat the princess

- Nethercoat
Take the dusk of the death from the princess to Scarlett's auntie


Open the file keybinds.ini in Venetica directory, copy-paste these venetica cheat codes and save it. The keybinds file can be open even with a simple notepad

KC_F1 = player:set(_N("Health"),"1000")
KC_F2 = player:set(_N("Mana"),"1000")
KC_F3 = player:set(_N("DeathEnergy"),"1000")
KC_F4 = player:set(_N("Money"),"1000000")
KC_F5 = player:set(_N("LearningPoints"),"1000")
KC_F6 = player:set(_N("AttributePoints"),"1000")
KC_B = Pina.InventoryComponent:toSelfType(App:getPlayer():getComponentByID(Pina.AT_Inventory)):addItem(_N("item_ring_regenerate_mp"))

in game:
Press F1    Health = 1000
Press F2    Mana = 1000
Press F3    Twilight Energy = 1000
Press F4    Money = 1000000
Press F5    Learning Points = 1000
Press F6    Attribute Points = 1000
Press B     Get Ring of the Ghost

Venetica Known Bugs  (PC)

There are ONLY 2 known bugs with Venetica patch ver 1.02:

- 1 of the 2 assassins that attack and hold the key from the Persian trader in the Persian Trading Place at night is magically gone WITH the key, making Scarlett unable to open the door ( this door cant be picked by Don and Nesto ) to continue the quest and finish the game. Frequency: Sometimes Happened

How to Fix:
Save your game ( I prefer inside the tavern ) before going to the Persian trade place at night, if the bug show up Shut down your computer ( NOT Restart ) and turn it on again to continue butchering those 2 assassins and also the Persian trader ( has unique sword ) if you are in such a bad mood.

- The Smithy bug, If Scarlett talk to Ulrik about the smithy offer before visiting the empty smith place in the Inner City, then the quest journal will not be updated and Ulrik will not give the smithy options in his dialogue the next time Scarlett talk to him again, therefore making it impossible to finish the smithy quest for Mattheo. Frequency: Always Happened

How to Fix:
easy - Visit the empty smith place FIRST before Scarlett talk to Ulrik, after the quest journal is updated then Scarlett can do whatever she wants with Ulrik and the bug will never show up.

There is NO harbor bug, there is NO skeleton bug, there is NO rebels bug, there is NO Village under attack bug. You just have not found a way to solve the quest yet. there are only 2 bugs with Venetica ver 1.02 (PC)

For other consoles, such as Xbox or PS3, there are people who also reported bugs such as NPC missing bug, save points locations bug, Scarlett floating like a ghost bug, etc
--> I'm sorry I do not have any solution for those consoles bugs, since I only played this game on my laptop. If you belong to any of these groups and you are VERY tired with those bugs, just switch your venetica game to the PC version, get the patch ver 1.02 and use my method above to fix/bypass the bugs.

Venetica Known Bugs  (X-Box)  update

- Save Point Location Bugs that will result in a missing NPC, when you save your game near an NPC and you decide to load that save game again in the future, there's a chance that the NPC that is located close to Scarlett will disappear forever, This will prove fatal when you try to finish the quest and suddenly Aeris, Nox, or even Tusker suddenly gone. You will know what it means to have hell on earth and wont be able to finish the game.

How to fix:
easy - save your game when there is no NPC around like an empty alley. just make sure u dont save the game in the alley near the persian trading place, hence you wont be able to board the claw when one of the assassins or the the persian trader gone.

Oh yeah, Venetica in PS3 has THE BEST graphic quality of all 3 consoles so far, while the xbox has the lowest graphics of all 3..

Psssttt..  Do you know that if Scarlett dyed her hair blond and do not put up with the angry face, she will look like...  The short haired Rebecca Romijn in the movie Alibi ( 2006 )



X - Cross said...

If you need my help with this updates, please post a question. I will try my best to help you.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck at palace dungen.

At palace dungens I need the key to the rebel's cell, which's hold by the skeleton ghost in the dungeon.

Whenever I try to talk to this ghost, however, it always say "You don't seem to skilled enough to demand items from ghosts" and vanish.

will you please help me...

X - Cross said...

it's easy, what the ghost said should be a clue to you. you need the necromancer skill that can demand item from a ghost.

You can get this skill EITHER from the idol statue in the old cathedral or from the idol in Johan's small church. I think its from the old cathedral in the inner city catacomb(I'm sorry I kinda forget)

After you get this skill, all the ghosts can give you the items that they have.

X - Cross said...

oh yeah, dont forget the only way to the old cathedral is from inner city catacomb.

Anonymous said...

a stolen key.this is where i m of the 2 assassins that stole the key from the trader dissapeared and i cant find the key...any idea?

X - Cross said...

it's a bug, I also experienced it several times.

I fixed it by SHUT DOWN and restart the comp, if it still doesnt work, you have no choice but to load from ur previous saved game

grip said...

I'd like to add couple later mission names that were are missing on mission list:
- Let the Games Begin (Tournament)
- The Baka King (after winning the tournament?)
The Doge's Palace
- Shady Assistance ("Laundry")

grip said...

Also found one new mission. Only if you kill Mercutio (Secret Errands), Venetian captain at Harbor offers assignment "The Sea Patrol". Objective is to kill pirate captain and bring back stolen loot. said...

thk u grip, I will add this quest that u mention about in the updates as soon as I can, and I'll put ur name behind it

Anonymous said...

How do you get the ALchemy Skill? said...

u can learn alchemy from several traders. the one that I remember is the hunter in outer city market, but u have to do some trading with her first before she offer the skill. just sell her the fur u got from skinning the spiked beast, if she still doesnt offer the skill then just buy something from her. finish the trading and talk to her again.. said...

to Pat,
Arsenal, catacombs: ghost impossible to reach: did u find him ?
answer: there are a number of ghosts in arsenal catacombs, which one do u implied it to?

Is there a secret room in the mill's inn ? Did u find something about that ?
answer: Since I finished this game on august last year, I dont remember which one is the mil's inn. If u r talking about the inn that has the windmill next to it, near the passage to venice, then the answer is yes. again, which inn do u implied it to?

Please put more detail if u want to ask me another question.

Laven205 said...

How do I get to the 3rd ending, the one with Benedict?

Christina said...

How do you get the third ending, the one with Benedict? said...

To christina n Laven205, I have answered this exact same question in ven walkthru comment section.

Brandi Blanchard said...

Help cant find the princess gem for the moonblades last upgrade. Could you please point me in the right direction. Thank you, MysticDevil

Alpha Dog said...

Just finished the game,thank you for making coherent list of quest found in the game.

Unknown said...

In water gateway which order I need to push the rocks