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Mata Hari Walkthrough

Platform : PC
Class - Genre : Point and Click - Adventure.

This REAL walkthrough covers ALL the QUESTS and SECRETS in the game.


Mata Hari ( 1876 - 1917 )  which in its original language means " The Sun " ( literally means
" Eye of the Day " ) is a famous Dutch exotic dancer/courtesan who performed around Europe before the time of World War I.

Due to her fame, style, and free willed attitude she was close to many high ranking allied military officers, and therefore accused of having a side job as a triple agent working undercover espionage for the French, German, and Dutch.

If you miss a secret, you will not have the chance to get it again, so make sure to always double check the APPENDIX section before you progress any further.

Dance Manager

Front Door
- Talk to the door man, Mata Hari needed a ticket to get
- Talk to the mysterious gentleman that just arrived

Get A Drink for Astruc

Ball Room
- Talk to the fat man in the center ( Gabriel Astruc )
- Go to the right and talk to the bartender, take
  the champagne from the table. 
- Give the champagne to Astruc. Talk to Astruc again,
  he wanted an introduction from other people.

Get An Introduction to Astruc 

- Talk to the middle-age lady left on left ( Elsbeth
  Schragmuller ), to get clues on how to do small talk with
  the guests
- Talk to the young journalist  and then ask for
  an introduction. After an interview, he said to tell Astruc
  that Morning Herald sent their regard.
- Talk to Astruc again, use the introduction from the journalist
  on him. Astruc wanted 2 compliments from people that saw Mata Hari performed.

Get Two Compliments for Astruc 

- Talk to the mysterious gentleman at the left ( Oscar Samsonet ), he wanted Mata to get
  a praise from Rupert Zollinger by comparing her with his mistress.
- Go and talk to Rupert Zollinger about his mistress. He finally admitted that Mata Hari
  lights up the ball.
- Talk to Samsonet and tell him what Zollinger said. Mata got one compliment.
- Go to the balcony and Talk to the Married Woman. Use small talks and ask for another
  compliment, Mata got another compliment

Persuade Astruc to Become My Manager 

- Go back and give Astruc the 2 compliments from the married woman and from Samsonet,
  Mata Hari finally sealed the deal

Corporate Seal

- Exit the ballroom, Samsonet stopped Mata Hari. He wanted her to be a spy and seduced
  Zollinger. Samsonet gave a love note for the mistress of Zollinger. 
- Go back inside the ballroom and Talk to Elsbeth Schragmuller.

Alienate Zollinger and Rouyer

A few more steps and I'm gonna steal your man. Hmmm.. I think I'm gonna like this spy thing..

- Go to the balcony and talk to Danielle Rouyer, give the love note to her. She wanted
  to reply to the note and needed a pen.
- Go to the young journalist or Zollinger and ask for a pen.
- Go back to Danielle and give her the pen. She gave Rouyer's reply.
- Give Rouyer's reply to Zollinger. He got mad and gave a mistress' complaint.
- Go back to Danielle and use the mistress complaint on her.
- Go to Zollinger and tell him about the break up. Zollinger gave Mata his gratitude.

Seduce Zollinger

- Use that gratitude on Zollinger and talk about all the rules of seduction, Finally Zollinger
  gave Mata Hari a trinket

Find The Sigil
Zollinger's Room
- Take the bottle of whiskey
- Take the rod next to the
- Take the pillow
- Look at the sigil on the small
- Give the pillow to Rupert.
- Take the soap from the wash
- Take the cigar lighter from
  the dresser.

Make Impression of The Sigil 

- Use the rod to close the top window.
- Give Rupert the bottle of whiskey.

Take Impression to Samsonet 

- Use the lighter on the sigil
- Use the soap on the sigil and get an impression on the soap. Mata automatically took
  the Impression to Samsonet

Secret Papers

Paris - Street
- After talking to Marie go outside to the street
- Go to the cafe and talk to Elsbeth Schragmuller. Elsbeth said that Samsonet
  wanted to see Mata in Monaco and she had to go there by train. 
- Take the taxi to the train station
- At the station, buy a ticket to Monaco.

Monaco - Square
- Exit the train station. Talk to
  Samsonet standing in front
  of the cafe. Samsonet
  wanted Mata to get
  a camera to photograph
  secret papers in the
  British embassy in Paris.
- Go back to the train station
  and buy a ticket to Paris.

Mata was arrested by Captain George Ladoux of the French Counter Intelligence.

Paris - Prison
- In the cell, take the metal cup from the table. Look at the sewer and get a piece of wire.
- Do either one: Use the wire on the lock or use the cup on the cell bar. Either way, Ladoux
  arrived and accused Mata for stealing Zollinger's wife bracelet.
- Give the bracelet to Ladoux, he then blackmailed Mata to do counter espionage for him.
  He wanted to know the plans for the German's Jules Verne Project.
- Go upstairs and exit the building.

Find a Camera

Paris - Side Road
- Go right to the side road and get a camera from Elsbeth.

Find A Way into The Embassy

Paris - British Embassy
- Take the taxi and go to the British Embassy.
- Talk to the embassy guard, Mata needed a pass to enter.

Acquire British Embassy Pass

- Use the seduction dialogue to get a pass from a man that comes out from the embassy.
- Go to the left in front of the embassy. Hide the camera in the happy little bush.

Being a woman I can understand why this plant in front of me is called the happy little bush  *blush*

Find The Secret Papers

- Give the pass to the guard and go inside the embassy
- Take a blank note from the card holder on the desk.
- Take a piece of coal in front of the fireplace. In inventory combine the charcoal and
  the blank note to get a note with numbers.
- Use the note with numbers on the locked chest on the floor beside the desk. Open the
  big chest to get the ambassador's notes.

Look at me.. The most notorious person in all Europe, doing some robbery and detective jobs at the same time. What a disaster...

Photograph The Secret Papers

- Take the whiskey bottle on the left side of the door and exit the building,
- Empty the whiskey bottle on the sink by the wall at the right side.
- Use the faucet to fill the empty bottle with water.
- Go back inside and use the bottled water on ambassador's notes.
- Put the wet notes on the window.
- Exit the building and take the camera from its hiding place in the happy little bush.
- Take pictures of the notes on the window.
- Hide the camera back in the happy little bush.
- Go back inside, take off the notes on the window and put them back inside the chest.

Convey The Film to Samsonet 

- Exit the building, take the camera from its hiding place and exit the embassy.
- Take the taxi to the train station, go to Monaco

Monaco - Square
- Give the camera to Samsonet, Mata told Samsonet about working for Ladoux.
- Go back to Paris.

Guns and Steel

Paris - Theater
- Go to the Theater and talk to
  Gabriel Astruc, he said that
  Mata needed an inspiration
  to improve her dance. 
- Get the dance inspiration
  and go back to the theatre
  to talk to Astruc again. 
- Use the inspiration on him,
  finally Astruc gave Mata
  a letter from Marie Curie.
- Give Astruc the dance
  permit, and let the show
  begin !!

Convince Von Kalle I Can be Useful to His Project

After the dance performance Major Von Kalle, a German military officer introduced himself to Mata and gave an invitation to the Grenadier Club in Berlin.

- Exit the room. Take the taxi to train station

Berlin - Grenadier Club 
- Buy a ticket to Berlin, go left and get to the Grenadier Club.
- Talk to the doorman, show him the Grenadier Club invitation.
- Enter the club.
- Go to Major Von Kalle at the right side. Mata got intercepted by a talkative attaché.

Some guests told Mata that the talkative man, Graf Baumann would rush home when the butler gave him a message from his wife

Berlin - Hotel
- Exit the club and go across the road to the hotel.
- Click on the telephone and then use the call butler on the telephone. Mata pretended
  to be Baumann's wife and leaved a message to the butler for him.

Berlin - Grenadier Club
- Go back to the club and show the invitation to the doorman. 
- Go to Major Von Kalle talking to Colonel Manfred Holz. Mata overheard about
  the structural failure with the Verne process.
- Talk to Major Von Kalle. Use the Verne failure dialogue on him. 
- use Marie Curie's card on him.

Get the DuMolier Process Details

Paris - Marie Curie's Lab
- Go to the train station. Get a ticket to Paris.
- Use Marie Curie's card on the taxi.
- Enter the building and talk to Marie Curie.
- Magnesium : Give Marie the Epsom salt on the table on the foreground
- Vitriol : Give Marie the sulfuric acid on table at top right
- Saltpeter : Give Marie the sodium nitrate on shelf at left

This 3 ingredients are used in making gun powder.. Is Marie developing a new weapon too???

- Ask Marie about the DuMolier details.
- Go back out to next room, take the foil pouch on shelf at top left
- Use the foil pouch on the 3 chemicals in front of Marie's experiment. The chemical
- Go back to Brunel's room, take the photo plate at right end of the worktable. 
- Use it on the notebook at table at left.
- Go to previous room and pick up  radium salts,
- Pick up hydrobenzene at middle shelf on the left 
- Pick up acetic acid from table at right side of room.
- Go back to the notebook. Use the radium salt to penetrate the notebook.
- Use hydrobenzene to start the development process on the notebook.
- Use the acetic acid to stop the development process. Get the DuMolier detail notes.

Give the DuMolier Details to Von Kalle

Berlin - Grenadier Club
- Take the taxi to the train station and go to Berlin.
- Go to the Grenadier club
- Talk to von Kalle. Give him the DuMolier detail notes.

Find Out What the Jules Verne Project is All About

Berlin - Von Kalle's Room
- Pick up the pencil from desk at top wall
- Pick up a blank sheet of paper from right desk
- Pick up a book From Earth to Moon 20000 miles under the sea from the shelf.
- Open the cabinet at bottom of the desk at right. Look at the strongbox in it. 
- Use the book From Earth to Moon book on a sleepy von Kalle. He said it's about
  a big gun
- Use big gun on von Kalle and he says info is on page 102.
- Use page 102 on From Earth to Moon book to get the combination numbers
- Use the combination on the strong box to get a picture of a large cannon.
- Use the blank paper and then the pencil on the cannon plans to get big gun tracing.
- Use the big gun tracing on von Kalle.

Learn How much Boron the French Use in Making Steel

Paris - Marie Curie's Lab 
- Go back to Paris. Use the taxi to go to Marie Curie's lab
- After talking to Zollinger, enter the building and go to Brunel's room. 
- Take the pen and the notebook from the left table
- Give Ladoux the big gun tracing. 
- Use the pen on the notebook, Mata commented that the notes are written in invisible ink.
- Go to next room and ask Marie about the pen. Maries said to use iodine to reveal
  the written notes.
- Go back to Brunel's lab and take iodine from the bottom shelf at top right.
- Use the iodine on the notebook

Ladoux gave a false amount of boron in the formula and sent Mata back to von Kalle

Give Boron Formula to Von Kalle

Berlin - Grenadier Club 
- Take the train to Berlin.
- Enter the club and talk to von Kalle. 
- Give him the heat treatment note.

Find Out The Size of The Jules Verne Cannon from Holz 
- Talk to Colonel Manfred Holz standing at center of the room. 
- Use the big gun on Holz.
- Get the gun size from the Colonel

Give The Cannon Size to Ladoux

Paris - Police Station 
- Go back to Paris. 
- Go to police station and talk to Ladoux.

Here you go, I hope ur happy with ur diabolical plan..!

The German big cannon was exploded due to the false amount of boron that Mata gave to Major von Kalle

Airplane Plans

Monaco - Street
- Talk to Oscar Samsonet in Monaco.
- Talk to Emil Jellinek standing on the street.
- Use seduction by dismissing on Jellinek, he gave the phone number of Mercedes.
- Talk to Oscar and then take the taxi to the train station.

Berlin - Hotel
- In Berlin, go to the hotel 
- Use the telephone to call Mercedes

Show Mercedes A New Dance Step

- Exit the hotel and get the Inspiration. There's a man riding a bicycle on the street
- Go back to the hotel and use the phone to call Mercedes.
- Show Mata's new dance step to Mercedes. They went to the factory.

Find Out Where The Airplane Plans Are Located

Berlin - Factory
- Go to the workbench at the middle of the cars
- Take the Mercedes badge from the workbench. 
- Show Mercedes the Mercedes badge

Berlin - Office
- Go Inside the office, and click on the bookcase.

Prepare Factory for Return Visit 

Berlin - Hangar
- Take the pliers from the tool
  box on the floor at left.
- Take the pipe from the box
  at the bottom right screen.
- Check the oil barrel at the
  top right of room. 
- Use metal cup on the oil
  barrel to get some oil

Berlin - Factory   
- Exit the hangar and go to the window on the right
- Check the window and Mata says the latch is rusty.
- Use the oil on the window 
- Use pliers to unlock the window

If you do not have the metal cup, combine pliers and pipe to make an improved pliers. Use it on the latch.

Examine The Airplane Plans

Berlin - Factory ( night )
- Open the switchbox at the left side of the window
- Set the wire to get all 3 power sources flow only to the hangar, the 2 floor outlets
  should not be connected

The end result of setting up the wire

- Go to the workbench
- Take the metal strip on the workbench

The route to the office in the factory        

Berlin - Office  ( Night )
- Take the scrap of paper from the desk.
- Click on the book on the floor.
- Try to arrange the set of books on top row in order.
- Pull back and now you can pick up the book on the floor.
- Put that book in the bookshelf
- Arrange the books again so that the books' first letter spells DAIMLER

- Check the secret safe.
- Click the airplane plans in the safe
- Combine the pen with invisible ink with the scrap of paper.
- Use pen and paper on office safe to get the airfoil details.

Give The Airfoil Details to Samsonet

Paris - Train Station
- Take the train to Paris, meet Ladoux & Samsonet 

Sabotage Experimental Aircraft Engine

Berlin - Factory ( night )
- Take the train to Berlin. Mata was automatically inside the auto plant.
- Go around the cars to the office

Berlin - Office ( night )
- Go to the office door. Use metal strip on door and enter.
- Take the moldy cheese sandwich
- Take the coffee mug from desk 
- Take the screwdriver from the left table

Berlin - Factory ( night )
- Go to the empty box next to the window Mata came in
- Place the moldy cheese inside the empty box
- Go to the car at first row. Use the screwdriver to open the car hood.
- Use the coffee cup on engine and get acid filled mug

Berlin - Hangar ( night )
- After the stubborn worker
  went home, enter the
  hangar again
- Use the acid filled cup on
  the plane engine.

Mata Hari just sabotaged a new German experimental aircraft made using a Daimler - Mercedes engine, now the German are really furious at her..

Break Code

Stage A Dance for Von Kalle

Paris - Theater
- Go back to Paris and go to the theatre.
- Ask Gabriel Astruc for a dance show.
- Get the inspiration from the street. 
- Go back inside the theatre and talk to Astruc. 
- Use inspiration and then dance permit.

Spot Von Kalle in German Embassy

Madrid - Downtown
- Travel to Madrid.
- Go to left side of the fountain and talk to the embassy guard.
- Look at von Kalle talking on the phone on the second floor window

Madrid - Alley
- Go to the alley at the left
  side of the building.
- Pick up a German sausage
  in the trash barrel.
- Give the sausage to the dog.
- Look at the phone box on
  the wall. Mata needed the
  right equipment to tap
  Arnie's phone.

Berlin - Station
- Go to train station and travel to Berlin.
- Talk to the man using the telephone,
- Go to the clock control box at right.
- Use the clock control box and Mata advanced it 30 minutes.
- Talk to the train conductor
- Use the screwdriver on the public phone

Madrid- Alley
- Travel to Madrid.
- Go to the alley left of the embassy. Look at the phone box.
- Use the phone earpiece on the phone box.
- Do the wire puzzle and connect all the incoming and outgoing wire

Madrid - Gallery
- Go to the gallery right of the fountain where a juggler is standing.
- Look at the portrait of von Kalle

Monaco - Train Station
- Go to train station and
  travel to Monaco.
- Talk to the street artist and
  ask for a portrait

Madrid - Gallery
- Travel back to Madrid. 
- Talk to the juggler.
- Use seduction by daring.
- Replace von Kalle's portrait
  with Mata Hari's.

Get German Code Wheel

Madrid - Downtown
- Go to the downtown and wait, a man arrived, looked at the portrait and gave Mata
  the code wheel

Take Code Wheel to Ladoux

Paris - Police Station
- Go to Paris
- Take the taxi to police station.
- Give Ladoux the code wheel

Decode A Message for Ladoux

- Place the code wheel on
  the cipher machine
- Do the random puzzle:

    * Turn the vowels to see if there is a proper placement of vowels.
    * Once you think the vowels are placed and have the correct encryption alphabet,
      then cycle the consonants.
    * If nothing happens, cycle to next encryption alphabet and cycle the vowels again.

- Read the decoded message. March thru Low Countries; War plan approved by GHQ.
  The Germans are going to war

Zollinger's Message

Request Use of Ladoux' Code Machine 

- Talk to Ladoux, he gave Malbec's address and wanted Mata to wiretap his phone.

Tap Colonel Malbec's Phone 

Paris - Malbec's address
- Look at the phone cable that
  has no switchbox.
- Look at the manhole cover,
  number 318.

Paris - Police Station   
- Go back to the police station
- Tell Ladoux about the phone cable, he gave the key to his secret entrance to the sewer.
- Go to jail cells and use the key on the secret entrance
- Use the closet at right to change clothes.
- Enter the sewer.

Look at this..  Me, the legendary Mata Hari, the talk of all Paris has to go deep down in the sewer where it is dark, cold, and full of fat rats. Damned u Ladoux..!!

Paris - Sewer
- Search for number 318.
- Use the phone earpiece on the
  phone box.
- Arrange the wires so that all the
  connections are connected
- Go back to the police station

Paris - Police Station
- Change clothes by clicking on the closet at next room.
- Go upstairs and talk to Ladoux about Malbec's telephone call

Decode Zollinger's Secret Message

- Use Zollinger's coded message on cipher machine.
    * Turn the vowels to see if there is a proper placement of vowels.
    * Once you think the vowels are placed and have the correct encryption alphabet, then
      cycle the consonants.
    * If none, cycle to next encryption alphabet and cycle the vowels again.
- Read the decoded message. Gas Research goes well. Factory production next.

Give The Secret Message to Samsonet

Monaco - Street
- Travel to Monaco
- Talk to Samsonet about his decoded message.

Destroy Poison Gas Factory

Meet Fritz Haber

Paris - Street
- Get out from the police
- Talk to Elsbeth sitting at the
  cafe about Zollinger and

Monaco - Street
- Go to Monaco and talk to Samsonet about Zollinger and Haber.

Paris - Marie Curie' s Lab  
- Travel back to Paris. Take
  the taxi to Marie Curie's lab.
- Enter the lab and talk to
  Marie Curie. Convince her
  to help by informing her
  about Zollinger as the
  murderer of Brunel. She gave
  a letter of introduction to

Gain Haber's Confidence

Berlin - Haber's Place
- Travel to Berlin. Use Fritz Haber on the taxi driver.
- Give him Marie Curie's letter and talk to him

Acquire Sabotage Information from Haber

Monaco - Train station
- Go to Monaco and see
  Elsbeth hiding by the right
  column. She said that
  Samsonet went to Paris to
  warn Mata but was jailed
  by Ladoux.                     

Paris - Police station
- Travel to Paris and then go to police station.
- Talk to Ladoux about Samsonet.
- Talk to Samsonet in the jail. He wanted Mata to get out of the business.
- Talk about the pass to the factory and the sabotage formula.

Find Haber costume

Paris - Theater
- Go to Astruc at the theatre.
- Talk to him about the costume. He needed a picture of Haber.

Learn to Imitate Haber's voice

- Ask Astruc about Haber's voice, he made Mata scream until her voice changed.

Berlin - Haber's Place
- Go to Haber's place in
  Berlin, Haber's wife
  confronted  Mata and then
  locked her in the office.
- Take the photo of Haber
  covering the chimney door.
- Take the chemical-copper
  nitrate in the box by the
- Take the matches at left.
- Take the blank sheet.
- Take paper weight and book
  from the desk. They are later removed as useless.
- Check the appointment schedule under those 2 useless items.
- Open the chimney door. Use the paper, the chemical and then the matches in the

Acquire Use of A Limousine

Monaco- Street
- Travel to Monaco. Talk to Elsbeth at the train station and she advised to talk to Jellinek.
- Talk to Jellinek sitting at the cafe about a limousine, he wanted Mata to convince
  Mercedes to come home.

Berlin - Hotel   
- Travel to Berlin.
- Go to the hotel.
- Use the phone to call Mercedes, Mercedes asked if Mata had a new act

Haber costume

Paris - Theater
- Travel back to Paris.
- Go to Astruc in the theater, show him the Haber's picture
- Talk to Astruc again for a dance in Berlin, Mata performed in Berlin.

If this spoiled rich brat doesn't go home, my plans will be in ruined..

Paris - Police Station  
- Travel to Paris and talk with Ladoux about the limo, He was willing to give a warrant of
  arrest for Mercedes' lover if Mata knows his name.

Berlin - Hotel
- Go back to Berlin.
- Use the phone in the hotel to talk to Mercedes. Mercedes agreed to meet in Paris.
- Ask about her boyfriend and get the name of her lover.

Paris - Police Station
- Travel back to Paris and Ladoux. Tell Ladoux the name of the young man and get
  a warrant of arrest.
- At the plaza, talk to Mercedes sitting at the cafe and meet Ludi. Show her the warrant of
  arrest and she agreed to go back home.

Monaco - Street 
- Travel to Monaco and talk to Jellinek at the cafe, Mercedes was already at home.
  Jellinek finally agreed for Mata to use the limo.

Discover The Location of Zollinger's factory

Berlin - Grenadier Club 
- Go to the Grenadier Club. Talk to the gatekeeper about meeting Colonel Holtz.
- Talk to Holtz at far right of the room. Ask about the factory address.
- Use the seduction by flattery and then seduction by yielding on Holtz.

This is your last chance to finish all the dance performance
Finish all the dance if you have'nt

Paris - Police Station
- Travel to Paris
- Inform Samsonet of all the done preparation. He advised to talk to Elsbeth in Monaco for
  the seal.

Monaco - train Station
- Travel to Monaco.
- Talk to Elsbeth at the station about all the preparations.
- Using the seal taken from Zollinger's hotel room, Elsbeth re-sealed the pass.

Sabotage The Chemical Process

Monaco - Factory
- Exit the station and automatically be outside the gate of the factory.
- Use seduction of daring on Zollinger.

The operating procedure:
    * Switch on the pump.
    * Open pump valve.
    * Adjust gas proportion.
    * Launch process by activating mixer control.

- Go to the floor and then left. Check the pump switch and click on it. 
- Go up the pedestal and go left. Click on the pump valve to open it. 
- Go to the floor and right to gas adjust controls beside the note.
- Use the sabotage code on the machine.

Activate the pumps for the 3 basic elements
- There are 3 valves with 3 colored parts each.
- The object is to change the color of each pump to all green.

Connect them to the main boiler  
- A set of pipe, The object is
  to connect the 3 pipes on
  the left side to the 3 pipes at

Set the critical mixture ratio of the 3 elements
- The 3 colored liquids in tubes. From left to right: Phosphates, Ammonia and Hydrogen.
- Adjust them to:

    * Hydrogen - up 2%
    * Ammonia - down 3%
    * Phosphates - up 5%

Mata Hari has many multiple endings depend on your points achievement in the Personal Advancement ( APPENDIX - F ), the more you achieved the more complete the ending you will see

Dance Show

I will list my dance triumphs here
- I've Done it Again..!
- I Charmed Major von Kalle
- I impressed young Mercedes
- Something new tonight, and the audience was stunned
- I dazzled them tonight, and they applauded
- What a performance tonight
- I was at my best tonight
- My performance tonight was a revelation - In every way!
- After that performance I'm exhausted, but happy.

The more Mata advance in chapter, the more revealing her dance outfit will be.

Submarine Warfare

Information about German Submarine Warfare
- I found a scrap paper containing anti-corrosion pressure valve description
  ( Chapter I - B ) Inside Zollinger's room check the wine glass, find the scrap paper
- I found an intercepted communiqué with specification for torpedo launch tube pressurizer
  ( Chapter II - A ) Inside Ambassador's room pick up a paper from the desk
- I found a diagram of torpedo launch tube pressurize
  ( Chapter II - A ) Inside Ambassador's room get a note with a password written on it
  inside the coat hanging between the fireplace and the drawers, and give it to the spy in
  Paris train station

End of Submarine Warfare - Congratulations, Mata just opened a way to sabotage an experimental German submarine through torpedo failure. No wonder the German was pissed at her..

Radio Direction Finder

Information about German radio direction finder
- I found a verbal explanation on radio direction finding as a valuable tool of military
  ( Chapter II - B ) After getting the DuMolier Process, Inside Grenadier Club listen to
  the conversation of the 2 men at the right of the room and talk to the attaché about it
- I found a map of French merchant shipping routes with radio frequency notations
  ( Chapter II - B ) Inside Von Kalle's room get the blue folder at the bottom shelf of the
  book case
- I found a note on composition of crystals for precise radio frequency control
  ( Chapter II - B ) In the room where Brunel is dead, pick up the paper on the floor tucked
  beneath the drawer at the top left corner

End of Radio Direction Finder - Congratulations, Mata helped the French jammed German radio tracker that made the ships safe..

Aerial Attack

Information about French aerial attack
- I found a diagram showing airship's parasite airplane hook.
  ( Chapter III A ) In the first night visit, get the first diagram on the top safe when Mata
  enter the Berlin office. Get the second diagram in the toolbox at the hangar in the second
  visit at night. In inventory combine the 2 diagrams right away.
- I found a spy drop about French zeppelins carrying airplanes
  ( Chapter III - C ) On Colonel Malbec Residence, Check the downspout over a barrel.
- I found an order book revealing French police are guarding a secret airship operation
  facility ( Chapter III - C ) After you decode Zollinger's message, check Ladoux' desk and
  read a book about the French police guarding an airship operation facility

End of Aerial Attack - Congratulation, Mata just ruined an aerial attack

Balkan Assassination Attempt

Information about Balkan assassination
- I overheard a voice that reveals Balkan assassination plot time & place
  ( Chapter III - B ) After Mata tapped von Kalle's phone, listen on the phone again and do
  another puzzle
- I decoded a message revealing a high member of the English embassy in Serbia as target
  of the assassination plot
  ( Chapter III - C ) After Mata decoded Zollinger's message, pick up the coded message
  inside the fireplace in Grenadier's club, and go to the police station in Paris to decode it

- I got a comment from Jellinek on assassination weather coming
  ( Chapter III - C ) At the end of the chapter before talking to Samsonet, talk to
  Jellinek and use the weather small talk

End of Balkan Assassination Attempt - Congratulation, Mata just foiled an assassination attempt in Siberia

Personal Advancement

Being a spy is a difficult work. My personal progress has been hard won...
- Spycraft  : 1,000 Max
- Wealth    : 14,000 Max
- Skill        : 10,000 Max


Travel Spy Locations
- After Mata give the camera to Samsonet, there's a spy in front of the theater. Talk to
  the spy for the train ticket to Paris Express ( Chapter II - A )
- After Mata received an invitation to Grenadier Club, there is a spy at the ticket counter
  in Berlin station, talk to him for the Berlin Rocket ( Chapter II - B )
- After receiving the airplane mission, there is a spy in Monaco train station. Talk to
  the spy to get the Monaco Rapide ( Chapter III - A )
- After the artist painted Mata, talk to the spy standing at the top left of the fountain
  in downtown Madrid, for Madrid Eagle ( Chapter III - B )

Dance Inspiration Locations
- Paris - Street, clouds (aeroplane)
- Paris - Street, barrel organ
- Paris - British Embassy, fountain 1
- Paris - British Embassy, fountain 2
- Paris - Train Station, umbrella
- Paris - Train Station, locomotion smoke
- Paris - Malbec's House, birds
- Berlin - Train Station, locomotion steam
- Berlin - Street, cyclist
- Monaco - Square, clouds (balloon)
- Madrid - Downtown, fountain
- Madrid - Downtown, juggler


The execution of Margaretha Geertruida "Grietje" Zelle MacLeod  a.k.a.  Mata Hari

On February 13 1917, Mata Hari was arrested in her room at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris. She was put on trial, accused of spying for Germany and consequently causing the deaths of at least 50,000 French soldiers. She was found guilty and was executed by firing squad on October 15 1917, at the age of 41

Today, it is still a mystery whether she was really a great woman spy or a scapegoat. Some people believe that France needed a victim to blame for their defeat in the battle field and therefore sent Mata Hari to her death.

Some others think that this exotic woman used her flirting skills to get military secrets of two countries for her greed.

There are also other people who still believe that Mata Hari was never really executed, due to her tributes to France. It is just a coy to fool the international eyes, especially the German. after the fake execution Mata Hari went home to her native country and used her acquired wealth to open a pub to support her remaining years.

It was a closed door trial and the explanations about her case is still not found sound enough. Although proof was found by French to sentence her to death, people argue that the proof may be fabricated. The facts of the case remain vague, because the official case documents regarding the execution were sealed for 100 years

Nobody knows the truth, for all documents about her are sealed.. stay alive until 2017 if you want to know the real deal about her.




X - Cross said...

If you need my help with this walkthrough, please post a question. I will try my best to help you.

José Luis said...

Just one question:
Have you found which are the different endings? I would like to know the possibilities but wouldn't like to play the whole game again several times to find it.

X - Cross said...

Mata Hari has many multiple endings depend on your points achievement in the Personal Advancement ( APPENDIX - F ), the more you achieved the more complete the ending you will see, such as opening a pub in holland, or travelling to america and open a dance school in Pasadena CA, many possibilities man